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Vollstaedt-Diamant GmbH

Focus of our business:
… full range of special equipment for the quality control and sorting of industrial diamonds and CBN

... characterisation, classification and quality control of industrial diamonds and CBN in its own independent laboratory according to the European FEPA standard

… saw grit,  grinding grit, micron- and nano powders

Sales of damond- and CBN  tools:
DIAMOND- and CBN- TOOLS for the machining of metal, ceramics and glass

Based  from the many years of experience in the field of diamond synthesis, the  company uses this know-how to continuously expand your business in  these areas. Since its inception in 1993, the company  has successfully carried out a series of diamond research projects,  established a recognized independent laboratory for the testing and  grading of diamonds, and established a Global trade Network for our products and service.
The research work is partially supported by the EU, the federal government and the state of Brandenburg.
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